[Pharo-project] SqueakSource down... again

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Tue Feb 22 13:09:59 CET 2011

>I think that Monticello as it is today is pretty good. I remember working in >Smalltalk without something like Monticello and it was a PITA.


>My first experiences with Envy 

I used Envy, Monticello, Store, DVS, Changesets, ST/MT XML Project files with VisualSourceSafe, Smallscript scripts in Subversion and others 
in the past (when in Smalltalk land).

If I could choose among them I would vote for Monticello! 

>Anyway, putting it on a newer Linux based server (shouldn't have to cost >that much) and adding some of the standard tools to monitor the process and >reboot it if necessary will probably already help a lot

Squeaksource could be improved (google indexing, ...), no doubt about it. 
But we should'nt confuse a "squeaksource.com" (server problem) with a 
squeaksource (the program) problem. Other Squeaksource instances
like http://source.squeak.org run stable AFAIK.

So the real question is: is anyone able to provide a backuped server
that is reachable from the web and that could be used for
a fresh setup of squeaksource (the program)?


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