[Pharo-project] Pattern for reifying XML doc?

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Mon Feb 21 10:11:16 CET 2011

Hi guys 

I often encounter the following situation: I have an xmldoc and I want to load it and get the corresponding objects.
Here is an example

    <cardName>All Is Dust</cardName>
    <type>Tribal Sorcery — Eldrazi</type>
    <cardText>Each player sacrifices all colored permanents he or she controls.</cardText>
    <artist>Jason Felix</artist>
    <cardName>Kird Ape</cardName>
    <type>Tribal Sorcery — Eldrazi</type>
    <cardText>get +1/+1 when you control</cardText>

I have card and group. But I could have several kind of nodes. So I was wondering if there are patterns to read in 
and map that to objects. In the future I would like to have magritte like type of first class instance variables that 
perform i/o in xml or other formats because this is always the same. 


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