[Pharo-project] Is repository down for Magma?

Miguel Cobá miguel.coba at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 17:17:50 CET 2011

Unfortunately for all us, Chris deleted without notice, the versions
from Magma repository that were used by the Metacello configuration to
install Magma. So Magma isn't installable with Metacello anymore.

Last weekend I started a ground up rewrite for ConfigurationOfMagma with
support only for 1.2 (easier than fix the versions 1.1r43 1.1r44 that
could be installed with the configuration) but after creating
ConfigurationOfMaBase, ConfigurationOfMaClientServer and the new
ConfigurationOfMagma (everything loaded correctly) I got stuck by the
fact that the new Magma 1.2 is Squeak specific at the moment (it uses
WeakOrderedCollection that Chris pushed to Squeak trunk in december 2010
and that is not in Pharo 1.1, nor in Pharo 1.2). So, I could to publish
the new ConfigurationOfMagma to the metacello repository and you'll can
install Magma but it won't run anymore. (I have had time to check the
WeakOrderedCollection issue only, I don't know if after fixing that
other issues will remain because I haven't gone that far).

So, that is the state of affairs with the Magma on Pharo. Of course, you
can use the new ConfigurationOfMagma to load Magma on Squeak and it will
work good I think.

I will upload the new ConfigurationOfMagma right now anyway because the
old ConfigurationOfMagma are broken without hope of fix (at least from

The way I am going to fix this, at least for Pharo 1.1.1 and Pharo 1.2,
is to put the changes that Magma needs in a separate package somewhere
(maybe PharoInbox or PharoTaskForces) and use it as a dependency in
ConfigurationOfMagma. This way it will work correctly. But I will do it
until tomorrow night.


El mié, 23-02-2011 a las 11:42 -0300, Casimiro de Almeida Barreto
> While loading Magma via:
> ((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfMagma) project latestVersion) load.
> I get:
> Error: Could Not Resolve: Ma exception handling [Ma exception
> handling-cmm.33] in /home/casimiro/Desenvolvimento/Pharo/package-cache
> http:
> And in debugger:
> linearLoadPackageSpec: packageSpec gofer: gofer
> where
> packageSpec is:
> spec 
>     name: 'Ma exception handling';
>     file: 'Ma exception handling-cmm.33'.

Miguel Cobá

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