[Pharo-project] Should tools cancel the selection when brought to front?

Gary Chambers gazzaguru2 at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 23 18:03:44 CET 2011

That's a different one (depends on the morph with keyboard focus...)

As for Shaun's preference we should probably have a setting:
Related to Object>>windowActiveOnFirstClick

Might be like that for Mac apps, for Windows users they expect the click to 
follow through...

Regards, Gary

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>> In the tools (e.g. Workspaces, Browser (System and OB)), when you click 
>> in a
>> text field to bring the tool to the front, it cancels the selection and
>> places the cursor where the click is.
>> For me, this behavior is less useful than what seems to me to be the
>> standard "clicking anywhere on me when I'm not active does nothing but
>> activate me" behavior (e.g. try it with two Safari windows in Mac). I 
>> find
>> my self contorting and having to move windows so I can click on the title
>> bar of a window underneath so I don't cancel a selection which I want to
>> evaluate repeatedly. I'd rather have one extra click to move the cursor.
> I share the same experience, especially when opening a workspace or a 
> transcript while coding in a browser. I need to click on the background to 
> open a world menu to move the focus on the background before typing Cmd-k.
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