[Pharo-project] MetacelloBrowser

Alexandre Bergel alexandre.bergel at me.com
Thu Feb 24 14:36:15 CET 2011

> I only just looked at the screenshot on http://metacellobrowser.dcc.uchile.cl
> and my initial reaction is; if all items in the left pane start with
> "ConfigurationOf" why not just drop the "ConfigurationOf" because that would
> make it much easier to scan/read through the configurations

I agree. But using the configuration basename instead of the complete name has some magic feeling to me. 
For example, the ConfigurationMetacelloBrowser loads the package MetacelloBrowser, itself contained in the squeaksource MetacelloBrowser repository. I feel it get easy to be confused. 
I will experiment with your suggestion. Thanks


Alexandre Bergel  http://www.bergel.eu

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