[Pharo-project] Is repository down for Magma?

Miguel Cobá miguel.coba at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 23:33:14 CET 2011

El jue, 24-02-2011 a las 15:40 -0600, Chris Muller escribió:
> Hi, please copy me or the Magma list if you want me to see things
> soonish.  I saw this by luck.

Yes, I forgot to CC. Sorry.

> > Unfortunately for all us, Chris deleted without notice, the versions
> Incidentally, notice was posted on the Magma mailing list:
>   http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/magma/2011-February/001728.html

Yes, I saw that but the announce was after the deletion. Thats is why I
said without notice.

> You can find the new actual load-scripts clicking the link provided in
> that message.
> Also, nothing has been deleted from MagmaTester yet, so all of the old
> packages are still there.  However, I want to clean that up pretty
> soon too..

The configuration relied on the versions on Magma, given that that is
the official repository for released configuration. 

> > from Magma repository that were used by the Metacello configuration to
> > install Magma. So Magma isn't installable with Metacello anymore.
> >
> > Last weekend I started a ground up rewrite for ConfigurationOfMagma with
> > support only for 1.2 (easier than fix the versions 1.1r43 1.1r44 that
> Yes, don't worry about those old Magma versions.  I won't be
> supporting them anymore either.

Ok, good to now! :)

> > could be installed with the configuration) but after creating
> > ConfigurationOfMaBase, ConfigurationOfMaClientServer and the new
> > ConfigurationOfMagma (everything loaded correctly) I got stuck by the
> > fact that the new Magma 1.2 is Squeak specific at the moment (it uses
> > WeakOrderedCollection that Chris pushed to Squeak trunk in december 2010
> > and that is not in Pharo 1.1, nor in Pharo 1.2).
> Incidentally,
>    http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/magma/2010-November/001612.html
> To incorporate this into Pharo, see the changes in Squeak between:
>     Collections-ul.403 and Collections-cmm.404.
> The changes are very simple.  Basically, we simply allow the
> OrderedCollection's internal 'array' to be specified by its
> #arrayType, instead of being hard-coded to an Array.
> This allows WeakOrderedCollection to exist by only one single method,
> an override of #arrayType on the class-side to specify WeakArray.

Yes, I do now, I found that the changes are in fact small but that was
too late in sunday and I had no more energy after creating the other
configurations and testing that loaded correctly.

> I do hope Pharo will incorporate these changes and gain the benefit of
> a weak OrderedCollection, not to mention, Magma...!  C'mon Pharo, the
> total gain in code-size is just one Class with a single one-line
> method, plus one extra one-line method on OC.

Yes, nobody has said that they aren't going to be merged, it is just
that for Pharo 1.2 is frozen right now. So no new code can be added, it
will be added to 1.3 that recently opened to development. That is the
reason that I said that a little package with the changes will be
uploaded to some repository and used as a dependency for Magma on
Pharo1.2. For Pharo1.3 it won't be necessary.

> > So, I could to publish
> > the new ConfigurationOfMagma to the metacello repository and you'll can
> > install Magma but it won't run anymore.
> True, WeakOrderedCollection is crucial for the new proxy bulk-become
> performance improvement.
> > (I have had time to check the
> > WeakOrderedCollection issue only, I don't know if after fixing that
> > other issues will remain because I haven't gone that far).
> Me either, we have to get this addressed first.  Would someone in
> Pharo help me lobby for this?
> > The way I am going to fix this, at least for Pharo 1.1.1 and Pharo 1.2,
> > is to put the changes that Magma needs in a separate package somewhere
> > (maybe PharoInbox or PharoTaskForces) and use it as a dependency in
> > ConfigurationOfMagma. This way it will work correctly. But I will do it
> > until tomorrow night.
> Ok.  I hope if we can get past WeakOrderedCollection there won't be
> any more special changes needed, but we'll have to see.
> Thanks Miguel!

Nothing  to thank, I really want Magma on Pharo healthy, just that those
months I have had little time to maintain the configuration and the
weekend that I dedicated to it, it was too late when I discovered the
WeakOrderedCollection issue (especially because I had also to prepare
the fix to Pharo and report it. So I choose to sleep because next day is
workday :)

I hope this weekend I will finally finish the work and report the
enhancement to Pharo to be applied to Pharo1.3.

>  - Chris

Miguel Cobá

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