[Pharo-project] Pharo 1.2 broken on Hudson due to XMLSupport changes

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Fri Feb 25 14:10:12 CET 2011

Markus wrote:
>The XML package breaks the build? So let's remove it completely. Let's ship >1.2, but without all the packages that are problematic.

It's not that the package is problematic - the Configs are problematic

Laurent wrote:
>For XML I can fix this tonight if Otto don't want / can do it.

Yes, the problematic 1.1.8 version of XMLSupport has to be fixed.
But it is not yet used by Pharo ... so this is not the reason:

What strikes me is that ConfigurationOfPharo STILL references
the working 1.1.6 version BUT the corrupt 1.1.8 version is 
loaded instead.
THIS is the reason why Hudson is read!

If you look at ConfigurationOfPharo then it hasnt changed
since 18 February 2011 (ConfigurationOfPharo-GuillermoPolito.134)
and if you load "ConfigurationOfXMLSupport-DaleHenrichs.46"
from 9 February 2011 and check what Otto Behrens changed 
then you will notice that he did'nt touch the 1.1.6 version
of ConfigurationOfXMLSupport.

He just added a baseline/version 1.1.8 and 1.1.9. 

So the "old" version 1.1.6 which is used by ConfigurationOfPharo
was not touched either.

To me this looks like a Metacello resolving remote project 
versions problem? (that's why I CC:ed Dale)

>But I agree that it seems few people care about 1.2. Sad, I like it far
>better than 1.1.1.

Yes, but I think we opened 1.3 too early. I think thats
why community does not concentrate on Pharo dev 1.2 too much
and continues to work on 1.3 core instead.

Thats good for moving Pharo forward - but not for outside 
visibility. How should others deliver software on top of Pharo
if Pharo isnt delivered itself?

>I personally thing if we ever want to release 1.2, we need to start to be >more radical.

Yes - but not by throwing out broken packages. What if Hudson
is broken by a problem in clas Object. Would you throw out Kernel?

Instead I would propose for the harvesters/integrators to stop 
integrating stuff for 1.3 until Pharo 1.2 is out of the door...

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