[Pharo-project] Is repository down for Magma?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Fri Feb 25 13:39:37 CET 2011

In pharoTaskForces :)

On Feb 23, 2011, at 5:17 PM, Miguel Cobá wrote:

> Unfortunately for all us, Chris deleted without notice, the versions
> from Magma repository that were used by the Metacello configuration to
> install Magma. So Magma isn't installable with Metacello anymore.
> Last weekend I started a ground up rewrite for ConfigurationOfMagma with
> support only for 1.2 (easier than fix the versions 1.1r43 1.1r44 that
> could be installed with the configuration) but after creating
> ConfigurationOfMaBase, ConfigurationOfMaClientServer and the new
> ConfigurationOfMagma (everything loaded correctly) I got stuck by the
> fact that the new Magma 1.2 is Squeak specific at the moment (it uses
> WeakOrderedCollection that Chris pushed to Squeak trunk in december 2010
> and that is not in Pharo 1.1, nor in Pharo 1.2). So, I could to publish
> the new ConfigurationOfMagma to the metacello repository and you'll can
> install Magma but it won't run anymore. (I have had time to check the
> WeakOrderedCollection issue only, I don't know if after fixing that
> other issues will remain because I haven't gone that far).
> So, that is the state of affairs with the Magma on Pharo. Of course, you
> can use the new ConfigurationOfMagma to load Magma on Squeak and it will
> work good I think.
> I will upload the new ConfigurationOfMagma right now anyway because the
> old ConfigurationOfMagma are broken without hope of fix (at least from
> me).
> The way I am going to fix this, at least for Pharo 1.1.1 and Pharo 1.2,
> is to put the changes that Magma needs in a separate package somewhere
> (maybe PharoInbox or PharoTaskForces) and use it as a dependency in
> ConfigurationOfMagma. This way it will work correctly. But I will do it
> until tomorrow night.
> Cheers
> El mié, 23-02-2011 a las 11:42 -0300, Casimiro de Almeida Barreto
> escribió:
>> While loading Magma via:
>> ((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfMagma) project latestVersion) load.
>> I get:
>> Error: Could Not Resolve: Ma exception handling [Ma exception
>> handling-cmm.33] in /home/casimiro/Desenvolvimento/Pharo/package-cache
>> http:
>> And in debugger:
>> linearLoadPackageSpec: packageSpec gofer: gofer
>> where
>> packageSpec is:
>> spec 
>>    name: 'Ma exception handling';
>>    file: 'Ma exception handling-cmm.33'.
> -- 
> Miguel Cobá
> http://twitter.com/MiguelCobaMtz
> http://miguel.leugim.com.mx

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