[Pharo-project] Is repository down for Magma?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Fri Feb 25 13:44:50 CET 2011

> To incorporate this into Pharo, see the changes in Squeak between:
>    Collections-ul.403 and Collections-cmm.404.
> The changes are very simple.  Basically, we simply allow the
> OrderedCollection's internal 'array' to be specified by its
> #arrayType, instead of being hard-coded to an Array.
> This allows WeakOrderedCollection to exist by only one single method,
> an override of #arrayType on the class-side to specify WeakArray.
> I do hope Pharo will incorporate these changes and gain the benefit of
> a weak OrderedCollection, not to mention, Magma...!  C'mon Pharo, the
> total gain in code-size is just one Class with a single one-line
> method, plus one extra one-line method on OC.

Chris since november and besides working pharo 1.2 I wrote 4 project proposals, a couple of article, bookchapters,
reviews for PhD, letters of recommandations...... lng list of meetings.....
So this is not that we do not want. This is that if people do not make that happens it is slow.

>> the new ConfigurationOfMagma to the metacello repository and you'll can
>> install Magma but it won't run anymore.
> True, WeakOrderedCollection is crucial for the new proxy bulk-become
> performance improvement.

what is it?

>> (I have had time to check the
>> WeakOrderedCollection issue only, I don't know if after fixing that
>> other issues will remain because I haven't gone that far).
> Me either, we have to get this addressed first.  Would someone in
> Pharo help me lobby for this?

Pharo does not have to be lobbied.
Just open a bug entry put the code and the tests, make sure that it works well
and discuss pros and cons in the mailing-list. 

> Ok.  I hope if we can get past WeakOrderedCollection there won't be
> any more special changes needed, but we'll have to see.


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