[Pharo-project] Metacello Configuration Pharo1.2 solo sprint Portland, Oregon ... Saturday and Sunday

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Sat Feb 26 02:27:10 CET 2011

Okay, okay.... I've been trying to keep a half dozen balls in the air 
for the last few weeks and what that means is that I don't give enough 
attention to any of them ...

Pharo1.2 is close and Metacello is one of the bad boys with the failing 
tests sooooo, I am going to do a solo sprint this weekend:

    1. a quick release of Metacello with expectedFailures for the tests
       that are failing in Pharo1.2. I have already fixed the tests
       (only test changes are needed), but I now need to port the Gofer
       changes to Squeak and GemStone which is a bigger job. A quick
       surgical set of expectedFailures is the best thing to do here.
    2. in build #57 of Pharo1.2 I noticed some odd things that I want to
       track down...
    3. I expect that some of the #57 issues can be revealed with the
       validator, so I am thinking that I will run the validator over
       all of the configurations that are used in Pharo1.2 and go about
       identify and/or fixing the meaningful issues that I find. My main
       goal will be to repair things that are broken, so I will be
       reluctant to make semantic changes without checking with the
       maintainers, but if the problem is really gruesome I will fix it
       and apologize later:)
    4. I'm not going to spend a lot of time reading/writing email ...
       this will be a sprint not a coffee klatch. With that said, if you
       have a Metacello config issue that is related to Pharo1.2 drop me
       an email with your question/thought but don't be offended if
       I don't respond at all or just GRUNT in reply ... I may even take
       action without letting you know...
    5. While working on the above task, I will work on the
       MetacelloBrowser adding menu items for the operations that I
       performso it will then be easier for other folks to perform the
       same types of jobs in the future. I may do something funky like
       hide the menu items behind a boolean so as not to pollute the
       menu items with a whole bunch of advanced type operations (that
       will be named poorly:)...

I realize that I may be closing the barn door after the horse is gone - 
build 57 is yellow afterall - but cleaning up validation issues is long 

I don't plan on fixing Metacello bugs unless I find something that just 
begs to be fixed ... the sprint is mainly about running the validator 
and cleaning up the real nasty bits and track down the Metacello 
anomalies in #57...


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