[Pharo-project] Good reference on time on unit testing?

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Sun Feb 27 17:37:57 CET 2011

Sure.  But the audience is a group that bangs out code and then fixes it later; I am trying to help them past that, and something quantitative in an ACM or IEEE journal would be harder to shoot down that our advice, not matter how correct it might be.

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On 02/27/2011 06:12 AM, Schwab,Wilhelm K wrote:
> Understood.  But, doing it correctly, how much of your time do you spend on the test writing/maintenance side?

Far less time than you'll spend manually testing over the course of
writing and maintaining the program.  You can't avoid testing, nor the
time spent doing it, the only question is do want to do it manually and
haphazardly with fingers crossed hoping you didn't break anything every
publish, or do it with automated tests so you know you didn't break
anything every time.

Ramon Leon

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