[Pharo-project] shout for pharo 1.2: Please help.

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Mon Feb 28 09:11:58 CET 2011

On Feb 27, 2011, at 11:56 PM, laurent laffont wrote:

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 8:40 AM, Dale Henrichs <dhenrich at vmware.com<mailto:dhenrich at vmware.com>> wrote:
Pharo 1.0-beta2 _is_ loading Shout 1.2.2 ... that's the one without ShoutWorkspace, which I think is correct ... so ProfStef is okay ...

BTW, validation doesn't check whether versions match or not ... if Shout had a symbolic version defined for Pharo1.2, then I would say that you should use #stable ... so that you can track the "approved version of shout for Pharo1.2", however if your project is tightly coupled to Shout then I would use a literal version number ...

OK. So now

(ConfigurationOfProfStef project version: '1.6') load.

will load Shout 1.2.2.

1/ if I have:
ConfigurationOfProfStef 1.6 -> Shout 1.3
ConfigurationOfPharo -> Shout 1.2,  ProfStef 1.6

which Shout will be loaded then ?

Metacello always goes with the latest version (okay a project can change it's rule, but the default rule is >=).

So Shout 1.3 will be loaded ... it's one of the reasons that symbolic versions were added: so that projects that need to have Shout loaded can just specify #stable and they don't have to worry about which platform or which version of Pharo the project is being loaded into ... you'll get the "correct version" ...

2/ if I have
ConfigurationOfProfStef 1.6 -> Shout #stable

and then a new #stable release of Shout 1.8 breaks compatibility with ProfStef. I suppose  ConfigurationOfProfStef 1.6  won't work anymore ?

If Shout can break your application, then you have a tight coupling to Shout and you need to worry about which version you are using ... Seaside3.0 and Grease are tightly coupled....

I don't the specifics of your implementation, but I assume that ProfStef just wants syntax highlighting for the workspaces then you have a loose coupling and useing #stable should work... in this case, if syntax highlighting breaks it isn't really ProfStef's fault ... more likely someone should _not_ have specified Shout 1.8 as stable:) ...

PS: I've gone through all Metacello help included in Pharo 1.2 recently - very cool to have this.  However I've just checked and it seems there's no explanation on dependency on symbolic versions.

IN my documentation I have tried to say what I know to be true:) The exact usage model for symbolic versions hasn't become completely clear ... 2 months ago, I figured that symbolic versions should be used everywhere, but I have backed off that and recommend that symbolic versions be used in literal versions when there is a loose coupling between the projects.

In baseline versions, I recommend that you certainly use either #bleedingEdge for tightly coupled projects or #stable for loosely coupled projects that way you can limit the exposure you have when using baseline versions to load the latest versions of everything ... #stable will just get you the known working version ...

I've been threatening to write a post about that, but I am finding that I am buried with work,so the documentation suffers:)


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