[Pharo-project] comments comments comments again

Cédrick Béler cdrick65 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 15:27:16 CET 2011

> - The browser doesn't help me to see class comments
> - Who can guess that under a '?' there are class comments? I discovered that YEARS after I was already using Smalltalk

This is a long time I wish we had like in the classic squeak browser a view with class template and class comment...
So no need for the ? button... no need to switch (which is disturbing and )...

I'd like it but I couldn't get a clue on how to do that in OB 5Ithink this is not trivial)

> - I prefer writting/reading a TestCase for such class (I know it is not the same as class comments, but it helps).

I also find we could have (automatically) in the class comment pane, all tests that are related to it... with the hyperlink stuff...

Last, besides help books which are great, I find sometime a high valuable information is a debug me expression...  to understand how something works... That'd be nice to have again, in comments...

My 2c


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