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Thu Feb 24 13:45:28 CET 2011

somewhere else (and where exactly is doesn't matters and not a concern
of application).
And its also thread safe, of course (but not at cost of having only
single way to do things). And apparently there is no API to read what
is just written (like #ensureCr, which implies reading the last
character from stream to check if it is cr).

In this respect an old implementation was much nicer in a sense that
it could be replaced by different stream which responds to same
But now, Transcript is a class, and its much harder to replace it and
as to me it is too hardwired.
Maybe this is good for Cuis, but as to me, i consider Transcript as a
generic/default logging facility in smalltalk system.
I was planning to redirect Transcript to write to stdout when in
headless mode (and when VMs will provide stdio communication out of
the box).
But how i suppose to do it now? Hacking existing class? And then
again, what if someone wants to redirect transcript to socket (and its
easy to imagine where we may need that - suppose you working with
remote image and want to see its transcript).
So, hacking the same class again?

P.S. i know that maybe a preferable way to do logging is through 'self
log:' protocol etc..
but lets face reality: there are a tons of code in system which using
Transcript.  And i don't think that we will abandon it in nearest
So, lets just keep it and make it more nicer, but lets separate concerns.

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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