[Pharo-project] SVN vs Git for the cogvm

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Tue May 3 00:46:31 CEST 2011


the difference of implications of the tool in terms of social and sharing is much more important than the tools.

Eliot even me I can understand and use git
	git pull
	git commit -am
	git push


>>> Since it is quite a hassle each time to merge the svn history to the git repos, which I think is a bit of useless repetitive work which could be avoided.
>>> I think it would be nice if you could switch to git as well, actually there is not much difference to svn, and with some nice macros you can make behave almost the same...
>> It's a hastle for me to change.  
> sure, but all of us changed as well, which is at least 10 to 1 ;). 
>> Surely you can set-up some script that pings the Cog branch every ten minutes and does the replication to got automatically.
> Well merging does not work fully automated, so there is some human interaction involved.
> And SVN is not really about collaboration, which is not so nice.
>> I don't want to change all my process just yet.
> so when do you intend to change your process yet?
> You should get the basics in 5mins, most of the rest can be solved with compatibility configurations (which I will provide ;) free of charge), and the rest just works more stable than svn.
> So would be a cool step towards a more community based VM IMO.
> -(~_~)-
> camillo

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