[Pharo-project] RFC: PluggableTextMorphWithLimits

Benjamin benjamin.vanryseghem.pharo at gmail.com
Wed May 4 11:18:40 CEST 2011

Hello Smalltalkers,

I'm currently working on new code editing tools, and I've implemented a new subclass of PluggableTextMorph named PluggableTextMorphWithLimits , with a code oriented feature:

You have a warningLimit ( 350 by default ) and an alertLimit ( 2* warningLimit by default ), and the number of characters of the text displayed is counted ( without space, tabs, cr etc).

If you are below the warning limit, the background is white ( or the default color ), if you are between warningLimit and alertLimit, the background turn more and more yellow, and if you are above the alertLimit, the background turn orange :)

After using it for ten minutes, you start shivering when the background turn yellow ;)

	Gofer new
		squeaksource: 'Nautilus';
		package: 'PluggableTextMorphWithLimits';

You can test it by evaluating:

PluggableTextMorphWithLimits example.

I think it will be used by Nautilus, but maybe more code editing tools should used it.

Thanks in advance for your feedback :)


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