[Pharo-project] new Cog VMs uploaded

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu May 5 07:31:48 CEST 2011

>>> You should be able to extract the code and use it in Pharo/Squeak
>>> without issue, even if it is GPL.  What you can't do is include it in
>>> the distribution, since it isn't MIT.  You also shouldn't study the
>>> code and write your own version of it - I believe that would be a
>>> derivative work, which would likely make it a GPL derivative.
>> so it does not exist and this is better because GPL is viral and we do not want it.
> I finding it really funny that GPL were invented to help open-source
> to rise and spread,
> and now its just stands in your way, as any other closed-source
> proprietary one...

GPL is more than free software it is a nearly a societal model that I respect.

>>> However, if it was extracted, and you brought it in to do profiling,
>>> and then removed it afterwards, that shouldn't be an issue at all.
>>> Just remember to remove it after you no longer need it - that way the
>>> GPL code won't accidentally creep into the Pharo/Squeak code-base.
>>> Basically, this would be a great example of a project that should be
>>> an external project and not part of core (or dev).
>> the problem is that this kind of philosophy goes against the spirit of smalltalk
>> of been able to read and learn the code and modify it.
> I think that Teleplace has not much choice under which license to
> release this code,
> because as long as you using even portion of GPL-ed code, you are
> forced to use GPL as well.

And also it avoids that you can do business with it without contributing back 
which I understand well too.

I do not criticize teleplace decision. I just warn us against using any code from there.

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