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part taken from URI class comment:

"A hierarchical URI is either an absolute URI whose scheme-specific part begins with a slash character, or a relative URI, that is, a URI that does not specify a scheme. Some examples of hierarchical URIs are:


A hierarchical URI is subject to further parsing according to the syntax
where the characters :, /, ?, and # stand for themselves. The scheme-specific part of a hierarchical URI consists of the characters between the scheme and fragment parts.

The authority part of a hierarchical URI is, if specified, either server-based or registry-based. A server-based authority parses according to the  syntax
where the characters @ and : stand for themselves. Nearly all URI schemes currently in use are server-based. An authority part that does not parse in this way is considered to be registry-based.

The path component of a hierarchical URI is itself said to be absolute if it begins with a slash character ('/'); otherwise it is relative. The path of a hierarchical URI that is either absolute or specifies an authority is always absolute."

Le 4 mai 2011 à 21:20, laurent laffont a écrit :

> Today:  HierarchicalURI
> Comment Of The Day Contest - One Day One Comment
> Rules: 
> #1: Each day a not commented class is elected. Each day the best comment will be integrated with name of the author(s).
> #2: If you cannot comment it, deprecate it.
> Results: http://code.google.com/p/pharo/wiki/CommentOfTheDayContest
> Laurent

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