[Pharo-project] [squeak-dev] Personalized systems with Treated

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu May 5 20:33:44 CEST 2011

>> The problem with those other repositories is that they are for specific
>> uses, as Stef said in other post, the Treated repository is for packages
>> integrated in current Pharo. So, of course you could post some package
>> there but it wont belongs to there really.
> I don't see getting more use out of something than for what it was
> originally intended as a "problem".  I was just getting the work done
> to quell the complaining for Magma coming from that side..

but why don't you have a pharo package in the magma repo?

>> This workaround it could be better implemented if the package with
>> specific changes will be pushed to some dedicated compatibility
>> repository where everyone can push every package and use it in their
>> install procedures. That would be better.
> Sure, that could be an incremental step but I wasn't in a position at
> the time to go lobbying to the Pharo group for a new repository; I
> just needed to get Magma done for Pharo'ites.
> Question:  When is anything in "Treated" ever "consumed"?  If it's not
> ever consumed, it's wasting space, so why not delete it?

This is traceability and merge purpose. 
But I would not publish package to treated inbox if I would be you because
we can remove everything one day
You do not put your wallet in your trashcan don't you?

> I'm more interested to know the answers to these questions:
>  - How does one deploy an application on Pharo that requires a
> one-line change to a core system method that is not acceptable to the
> Pharo gods?

	- virgin sacrified on altar is the first step. 
	- second step is to have one package name magma-pharo containing the extensions/changes
	How grease does it?
	how any monticello does it with any others?
	Moose Core is extended sometimes by 5 other packages and this is working perfectly (except for state)

>  - How does one deploy an application on Pharo that loads code from
> external web-sites?

	initialize methods?

>  - How does one deploy an application on Pharo that requires external
> graphics, videos, XML or other resources?

	initialize methods?

>  - How does one deploy an application on Pharo that requires an
> object-graph to be loaded internally into the image that was pre-built
> using another tool (e.g., NOT generated via code)?

	initialize methods?

> These questions are much more important to me than "it isn't a package
> management system".  If Metacello could do all of these things, I
> might be interested..

	did you read the postLoadAction?

Chris. Metacello scripts are object specs and to me this is just great because they are objects
and with objects we can do a lot. Checking, transforming...... So of course hacking a little script is fast and 
Metacello requires some care but I can tell you that for us this is **hyper** important (and not just 
as some person may think because we like complex stuff - because this is plain wrong)
because Metacello are first class ***objects*** scripts. Now you can not look at it too. I wrote with dale 
35 pages documentation and I should do another pass.
I think that what Dale is doing is **EXTREMELY** important to manage the complexity.

When we did 3.9 and used MC for the first time we were really aware that packages wihtout a package management system could kill the system (which version of x is working with k kind of nightmare) and 
metacello answer that question and support different development process.


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