[Pharo-project] Nile tests red - Pharo 1.3

Alain rastoul Alr.dev at free.fr
Fri May 6 00:44:30 CEST 2011

Nice vision. I want it now  :)
I think smalltalk is the best choice for that - you know better than 
me of course
However to make a living with it, it has to interface with other IT 
systems and standards, so that developers can make an sell a part of 
the system.
 Pharo has seaside-web on one end but may be  something is missing 
with relational databases. They are today the heart of business 
information systems (I have to try dbx and glorp , odbc is not usable 
because of locks)
Side note, I often wondered myself why object databases didn't catch? 
Technical issues? Marketing?

Btw, pharo has taken a good direction. Nice work. I'll try and see if 
I can help in this field (databases) which is one of my skill



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