[Pharo-project] Nile tests red - Pharo 1.3

Alain rastoul Alr.dev at free.fr
Fri May 6 10:44:27 CEST 2011

I used odbc-ffi and they are serious problem with the single threaded 
vm, you can lock the vm with only 2 connections.
That's what I want to check with dbx. I m also interested in glorp.
. Sqlite is good for standalone or small apps.
 I'm talking of small to medium business systems from 1-10 users 
(small) to 500  (medium) computer users - where customers have dba 
and other admistrators who impose things like sql server or oracle.
Postgresql could be also a player - don't know.
I feel that pharo could take a place here with seaside apps


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