[Pharo-project] Popularity of Smalltalk in Software Industry

Stefan Marr pharo at stefan-marr.de
Fri May 6 10:55:22 CEST 2011

On 06 May 2011, at 10:30, Stéphane Ducasse wrote:

> Igor
> We should face it: the FFI and Alien... are not that simple. Laurent spent time to try to cnnect to libs and it did 
> not work. So we should really improve that aspect.
> Igor not everbody is able to code in assembler for nativeboost.
> So NB is probably a good insfrastructure but not ready for consumption for everybody.
> The interaction with C should be improved :)
> Stef

No, Stef, you didn't get it!
It is documentation which needs to be improved in the first place. Documentation and its presentation. You know another reason why people love PHP? It is an ugly and awful language, but absolutely everything you ever want to do is covered in the docs, because people actually add examples and comments.

And frankly, you book efforts are certainly interesting, but far from being as visible and as accessible as online docs of other languages. That's what Smalltalk sucks at, accessible online documentation. People do google when they have a problem. If it does not pop up on the first page, it does not exists. 

My impression of Smalltalk documentation is, it is non-existing. I usually do not even care to google, because it is unlikely that I find something. Instead I ask people. (And if you look at the traffic on the mailing list, thats not just me)
That's a community issue, a problem of culture. I would never think about asking anyone if I have a problem with Python or PHP. I know everything is just a few google hits away.

Ah, and tooling of course...

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