[Pharo-project] Popularity of Smalltalk in Software Industry

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HI All,I really got lost into this thread and was blown by the conversation which took place here ;). but i feel good as this has led people to think about the need for a serious documentation. And i feel it will be much welcome by the newbies to Smalltalk and will help in popularizing it.Regards,Sourav | Bangalore | India Original message From:"Nicolas Cellier"< nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com >Date: 6 May 11 15:37:49Subject: Re: [Pharoproject] Popularity of Smalltalk in Software IndustryTo: Pharoproject at lists.gforge.inria.frGuys, this is crazy, this is a runaway thread ;)Please, please, a bit more empathy for newcomers would not hurt:change the subject in such cases.Welcome to Sourav, don't be afraid to ask this list for anything obscure.and congratulations to Toon for initial answer.Nicolas2011/5/6 Stéphane Ducasse :> Ok if some good souls want to give a try to generate html.>> Stef>>>>> Probably we should find a way to generate HTML from PDF or Latex.>> Any ideas?>>>>
  I've used latex2html several years ago.>>>> +1 for html>>>> Laurent.>>>>>>>> >>>> Now for the documentation when did you send an help documentation for any part of the system?>> >>>> Or a bug fix?>> >>>> I find quite funny that people always talk but few are doing. We welcome comments/examples help.>> >>> No need to get into a catfight here :)>> >>>> >> No this is not my point. But what do people really do to help?>> >>>> >>> I do agree with Stefan, as well as with you that we could help; but I'm unaware of a good documentation effort outside of the image to start with. Camillo's website project might be the best effort I've seen until now; but then I didn't really look either. Maybe I missed some great website?>> >>>> >> If this is just to spit out class comment on html I do not call that a documentation.>> >> Now we can take the book contents and generate html>> >> We have 350 pages in the first book and the same in the second one.>> >> People are free to join and write o
 ne or two chapters.>> >>> > Stéphane,>> >>> > Of course you are right: wining/complaining doesn't help, only action does. We need more people like Laurent focusing on documentation.>> >>> > I for one think that the well written, high quality books that exist (PBE, Seaside Book) are *very valuable*, much better than confusing wiki site (although these have their place as well).>> >>> > But the other point is: in most other popular languages, what current, young developers do, when they get an error that they don't understand is copy/paste the literal text in Google and in a surprisingly large number of cases you find some real answers in the first page.>> >>> > This is also related to popularity of course.>> >>> > Sven>>>>>>>>>Get Yourself a cool, short @in.com Email ID now!
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