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My apologies for the short lead time, but I need a person that is very
conversant with Squeak-Seaside-Pharo-Pier-GLASS plus an interest and
ability to quickly learn and mentor others in web-mobile languages and
tools. Will be working with English speakers, so facility in that
language is essential.

The person must be able to be in New Mexico, US, from May 23 to July 29.

You will be working 6-8 hours a day, Monday through Thursday - teaching,
mentoring, developing projects (list below) and overseeing my software
Studio when I am in London Jun 4-19.


Approximately $10K USD plus health benefits for the two-months.  If you
like the work and are good at it, the position can be converted to a
one-year, renewable annually, as a visiting professor (at least a
Masters degree is required).  The annual salary will be approximated
$60K USD plus benefits.

An ownership interest in the products being developed is also available
- as a supplement to the academic salary.

Applications we will be working on, priority order -- technology:
  1) iPad app for the Bradbury Museum at Los Alamos National Labs --
  XCode - cocoa based framework
  2) an outcomes assessment app for Highlands University -- Web ecology
  CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript)
  3) itsYourRep - an achievement profile / portfolio Web App - very
  similar to #2 -- GLASS
  4) confirmOwnership - for paying client, tracks ownership interests
  in investments, etc. -- Seaside or GLASS
  5) ambientAgile -- an app using cameras and projectors to create a
  distributed 'agile wall' -- not sure, start with Squeak-Seaside
  6) Web-based subset of Behavior! Seaside or GLASS
  7) Infrastructure for Software Design Studios - content management
  plus Web presence - Seaside / Pier / GLASS

I must find a person very quickly, so if you are interested, please
email me and we can arrange a phone call to discuss the opportunity.

David West
New Mexico Highlands University
dmwest at nmhu.edu
profwest at fastmail.fm

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