[Pharo-project] Problem with CompiledMethodTrailer

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Tue May 10 12:47:51 CEST 2011

> >
> > I must be wrong, because the dev image when it is build, it calls all
> > cleanUp methods for classes, so CompiledMethod class >> cleanUp shuld
> have
> > been called, but if I take the Pharo1.3 result, I can see the source code
> > (not decompiled)
> >
> But you can't see the source of those methods in browser, because
> browser works only with installed methods
> while cleanup touching only non-installed ones.

grrrr sorry, I forgot about the #isInstalled ... I went directly to see

> >>
> >> When i do this, my image hangs.
> >
> > I have just tried and it crash!!!  Actually, I evaluated CompiledMethod
> > cleanUp. And just after cmd+b in CompiledMethod (to browse it) -> crash
> > How it is possilbe it didn't crash while building the dev image?   or the
> > first time I browse a class?
> > maybe this incorrect CM are created by the build process just after the
> > cleanUp ?
> >
> I don't know yet.
> Maybe there is some test, which breaking them when it runs? Or tests
> are not run on those images?

I was thinking exactly the same. But no, this image has not run the tests.
There are other images specially to download from hudson that are those
after running tests :(

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