[Pharo-project] New transcript questions and notes

DougEdmunds dougedmunds at gmail.com
Thu May 12 07:35:27 CEST 2011

Using Pharo1.3a
Latest update: #13193

Are there any plans to give the new transcript window a mouseable menu? If
not, buttons for select all and copy would be nice. 
Nothing seems to be happening when clicking 'log to file'.  What is the name
of the file?  Where is it?
When checking/unchecking/checking  'log to file' will the second checking
add to the end of an existing file, or will it start a new one, or wipe out
old one and start it over?
This code does not work right with the new transcript:  

    1 to: 30 do: [: x |  Transcript cr; show: x. (Delay forSeconds: 0.2)

a) Try it in 1.2 (old transcript) to see how it should work. Old transcript,
there's a delay between each line printed.  1.3 (new transcript) there's a
total delay first, then all the lines are immediately printed. 

b) If the length of the entries to the transcript exceeds the size of the
window, the lines do not automatically scroll up to be able to see them. 
Instead, they are added outside of the visible window area. IMO, this must
be changed so that whatever gets added to the end of the transcript is
immediately visible.

c) If cursor is at the bottom (with a vertical scroll bar visible), as soon
as a new line is added, the transcript pops back to the beginning again,
requiring scrolling to see new entries.  This makes any kind of continual
stream to the transcript impossible to view.  Position the Transcript at the
end of the output, then run the 1 to: 30 do: code line again -- it will pop
you to the top, not the end.  
Will the vertical size of the header area (Clear, etc) be reduced?  It is
taller than needed.

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