[Pharo-project] [update 1.3] #13198

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Fri May 13 15:24:13 CEST 2011


Issue 4213:	New method in UITheme	
Issue 4212:	RecentSubmissions updated
Issue 4205:	Separator is displayed even if its the last element in PluggableMenuSpec
Issue 4174:	Senders/implementors only get colors when clicked
Issue 4150:	DNU in FileList with CmdA
Issue 4100:	Set a backgroun picture from the settings doesnt work anymore
Issue 4200:	Build of Pharo Full does not terminate (workaround, issue stays open)

Marcus Denker  -- http://www.marcusdenker.de
INRIA Lille -- Nord Europe. Team RMoD.

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