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Thu May 12 15:35:49 CEST 2011

- temps and method selector changes that disappear and that are not
logged in the changes file
- text formatting that vanishes from larger texts
- mouse selection that is broken
- various OB bugs, such as broken smart chars, scroll bar, tests, text
search, ...

> I'm really surprised. I'm also surprised that you say that when you did not
> even tried to port your tools to 1.2 during the release candidate phase and that people
> tried and failed and you started to port your tool when 1.2 was released.
> You were undermining our process sadly.

I was moving to a different place, starting with a new job, and
learning new things.

I don't have the energy and interest to constantly run after the
latest releases. I want to use something stable to work with in the
little spare time I have, and not be constantly disturbed by new
problems that show up because something subtle changed. For me Pharo
1.2.x will be the last version until something really compelling shows
up ...


Lukas Renggli

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