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Romain Verduci contact at romain-verduci.com
Tue May 17 17:26:50 CEST 2011

We actually have www.seasidehosting.st which can only be used for non-commercial applications.

I am Romain Verduci, a french student in Information System (Master degree) who likes smalltalk since I have discovered it last year through Pharo.
Today, I participate to weekly coding-dojos with other smalltalk fans (http://cara74.seasidehosting.st/).
I am lucky to participate to ESUG SummerTalk this year with Laurent Laffont as mentor to develop SmallHarbour project.

With the support of ESUG and under the ESUG SummerTalk 2011, we want to provide:
- a simple platform to host commercial smalltalk web applications.
- an easy way for everyone (and enterprise) to deploy their own hosting platform.
- for the non-smalltalkers, provide ready Pier images to deploy basic blogs, event presentations and more.

SmallHarbour has started from the actual Seaside Hosting code base. Our first objective is to port it to Pharo / Cog / Seaside 3 and document.

For more informations about the project, you can follow us on www.smallharbour.org.

If you have any needs or ideas in order to improve our project vision, we will be happy to collect them. We will setup community tools (issue tracker, public repositories, doc ....) when the exams period is over :) 

Best regards

Romain Verduci
Student in Information System (Master degree) - IMUS, IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc - Annecy

Tel. : +33659892353
Mail : contact at romain-verduci.com

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