[Pharo-project] Branded Cog for Win32 for Build slave (Was: [TODO] 1.3)

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed May 18 10:43:46 CEST 2011

>provide a "Pharo Cog $VersionNumber" vm.
>The good news is that we now have a window build slave, so we will soon have >all 3 major architectures covered

Nice - the windows build slave arrived! Who maintains it?

So I expect the build slave to
 1. get the code from Eliots svn repository
 2. patch the code to "brand" the vm with custom Pharo icon and label 
 3. Replace the name of the VM to build in the Makefile
 4. build it for use in OneClick or installer or to provide a zip  

Similar to what I've done so far manually.

OK, so attached is the "patch" for branding the 
Cog VM for Win32 back from the Cog2378 that I used for Pharo 1.2.2.

 - PharoCog.def.in (always a copy of Squeak.def.in)
 - PharoCog.ico    (the custom icon for PharoCog)
 - PharoCog.rc     (the resource file including labeling and version)

Copy these three files in the same directory as the "Makefile" 

Now set the name in the Makefile: 

# The name of the VM to build

Now you can build.

Best would be to generate the "PharoCog.rc" from a Smalltalk in
the Hudson slave build script, so the version number (which is the
same as the one Eliot gives to Cog) is set dynamically.

   VALUE "FileDescription", "Pharo Cog Virtual Machine Revision 2378\0"
   VALUE "FileVersion", "1.2.2378\0"

So 1.2.2378 means Pharo 1.2 with Cog 2378. 

If in doubt ask me. Who is building the slave?

We should do the same also for the standard VM (which is a little
bit different and with a different icon).
We can also let the build slave (beside one click) create the 
full setup/installer.

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