[Pharo-project] Decompiler problem (leading to infinite loop of opening debuggers)

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Wed May 18 12:16:34 CEST 2011


In Pharo1.2.x, I get an infinite recursion of a debugger windows opening when I load a metacello config that has a problem in it.
The relevant problem can be reconstructed (without the infinite loop :-) by evaluation the following:

 (MetacelloMCVersionSpec compiledMethodAt: #resolveToLoadableSpecs:map:) decompileWithTemps

I'm absolutely no compiler guy, so I'm totally unaware of what is happening.
But it's serious because I cannot debug the actual problem of the metacello config because of this.

It was tried with Pharo1.2.1 and Pharo1.2.2-12353 and latest Cog VM (27 April 2011).

I entered issue 4241 in the bug tracker for this.


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