[Pharo-project] Wishes for new ClassBuilder (toon?)

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Wed May 18 15:18:09 CEST 2011

Hi guys. As part of the Fuel project, one of the things we want to do (in
fact, it is done) is to serialize classes. There want to have 3
1) Do something like DiskProxy where you only save its global name and some
selector to run when deserialing it
2) Really searialize the whole class (following method dictionary, compiled
methods, class pools and friend, etc) so that you can deserialize it in
another image where such class is not present.
3) Do the same as 2 but validating and installing the class in the system.

For 2) what we want to do is just to serialize the class as any other
object. As a result, we get a Class instance. Nothing is validated, nothing
is added in Smalltalk globals, nothing is compiled. We do not use
ClassBuilder at all.

For 3) we want to do 2) plus validating and installing the class in the
system. For validating I mean ALL the validations that the class builder
does when creating or modifying a class. And for "installing in the system"
I mean notify, put in Smalltalk globals, re compile what is needed, etc...

ClassBuilder seems to do 2) and 3) together. So, what I would love to have
in a new class builder is to have those two things separated. So that I can
say to an object ClassManager validate: aClass or ClassManager
installClassOnSystem: aClass.

Do you think such thing is possible?  Right now going through ClassBuilder
and understand all the validations it does is really complicated :(

Thanks in advance,

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