[Pharo-project] Problem with Pharo 1.3 in Windows

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu May 19 11:48:17 CEST 2011

Torsten I have some real concerns about the implication behind your remarks :)
And I would like to share them with the community. 

Now my main questions are

	- can we as a community in 2011 not use a build server and tests for VMs? Should we just look at pypy thinking that they are cool and not do anything?
	- what is the message that we send to the world? Oh yes this VM will be compiled somehow, sometimes, may be, if you have the right lib patched level 3
	It may work. 
	- how can we trace systematically potential problems and regressions at the VM level?
	- how can we control impact of changes?
	- how can we make sure that we can be more agile at the VM level?
	- how can we make sure that changed proposed can be tested by the community without having that somebody have to take care
	to integrate the changes and make a release. 

So a lot of these questions can simply be solved by using a nice versioning system and build server. 

It takes time and energy to build and maintain a compilation and test server.
Now if the community does not see an interest in that we cannot do much.
Personally I love to see all the tests get run automatically when I do something. 
I would love to see people proposing enhancements and being able to see tests running and checking their own VMs 
automatically. It would lower some stress on the VMs maintainers and also let us experiment more.


> Does this "build system" magically write new code for the platform,
> fix bugs or implement the platform specific code for new plugins?
> There has to be at least one maintainer of the (win32)VM otherwise
> "latest soures" always points to the same version and no build
> system is required at all !!!
> The platform specific VM code needs maintenance ... either we
> continue to use the code base/versions from Andreas for
> regular VM and the code base/version from Eliot for the Cog VM
> or we fork ...
> Dont know if we have the resources to fork and maintain own 
> VM's. On the other side Squeak Win32 VM is outdated anyway
> (SqueakVM-Win32-4.1.1-src.zip if from July 2010).
> I know many of you dont care about/hate Windows but if Pharo
> wants to be accepted in the larger commercial market then 
> there is no way around a well maintained Win32 port.
>> I unsubscribed from all Squeak lists after 3.9. And that was final.
> "vm-dev" is for the VM which is currently for Squeak, Cuis, Pharo, ...
> You dont have to subscribe again, just check the archive:
> http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/vm-dev/
> Bye
> T.
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