[Pharo-project] Problem with Pharo 1.3 in Windows

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Thu May 19 14:50:55 CEST 2011

On 19 May 2011 13:25, Torsten Bergmann <astares at gmx.de> wrote:
> Stef wrote
>>Now my main questions are
> Hey ... dont take me wrong. I want the build server to
> build the VMs too, I want a repeatable process and
> a reliable VM. I appreciate that we change this!!!
> We all know that if VM development is dependent on a single
> maintainer person then nobody would invest into Pharo, Squeak
> or Cuis since the truck factor* is one.
> I support all this. Remember: I was the one who wrote the first
> ConfigurationOfVMMaker so that it is easy to get all the bits
> and pieces. I want to make it easier for people to dive into
> VM building.
> The windows build slave is a huge step forward ... we
> can not only build the VM and installer ... we can also run
> the tests on Windows too to see if there are platform specific
> issues. Cool and hardly needed!
> But someone (person or team) has to wear the Win32 VM "hat"
> to check contributions or help fixing a bug. So may question is what
> is the direction we will take here?

I could help a lot with Win32, because i know it well. And i want to help.
The only problem is time.
Because if you have too many hats, it is hard to decide how long you should
wear one, before switching to another, and hard to decide which one
should be worn next. :)

> It looks like the standard SqueakWin32 VM is unmaintained since the
> last release is from July 2010. We still have no Alien, we still
> have no callbacks. Yes, there is Cog whose code base is newer
> but I think Eliots focus is on speed rather than functionality.
> Will we fork from standard VM, will we participate in Eliots
> work or will we fork an own using git and maintain it by picking pieces
> from the other VMs?

Branding VM is not a fork. It just putting a label on already
manufactured product.
And i think the right answer is to do it together. Eliot cannot do everything,
neither do i, or anyone else. But if we merge our efforts, then we can
do everything.

> Also: what can we do to reach the goal of feature complete VM's
> with aligned version numbers. I think this means to participate on
> lists like "vm-dev"...

> But maybe I'm just too impatient...

For the impatient: register on gitorious and clone blessed repository
and then put your modifications, which you described in another thread
into your clone.
A little, simple step. But then i will not be forced to search mailing
list in order to harvest these bits.

> Bye
> T.
> *the truck factor = The number of people on your team who
>  have to be hit with a truck before the project is in serious
>  trouble"
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