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Fri May 20 16:36:51 CEST 2011

Sources / changes files:
As far as I'm concerned: not needed anymore. If there is to be a file that contains source code it should have a different format than the changes / sources files have today:
they are very hard to understand when looked at with a text editor
the mechanism used to read / write the files should not be hard coded into the filesystem library
if the files contain special symbols (#method, #preamble, #classComment etc.), give the symbols a place to live and don't expect developers to go and collect symbols from serveral different methods

Finally. That had to get out... :)


On 20.05.2011, at 16:02, Torsten Bergmann wrote:

> Short mental exercise:
> What if ... diskpacks are burned and someone would come, give you 
> enough time and resources to (re)implement the Pharo system and VM
> from scratch: 
> Pharo Image/Sources
> - how would it look like
> - how would it differ from current design
> - what would be included
> - how would it be maintained
> - how would it be used/who would use it
> VM
> - how would it look like
> - how would it differ from current VM design
> - how would it be implemented/generated
> - how would it be maintained
> Even answers are welcome with ideas impossible to realize 
> in the near future ... but it may help to find 
> - possible next steps 
> - features we havent thought about, yet 
> Thx
> T.  
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