[Pharo-project] Can't load OSProcess in last Pharo Core 1.3

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Fri May 20 17:40:06 CEST 2011

On May 20, 2011, at 5:30 PM, Adrien BARREAU wrote:

> I just saw that update 13205 removed ImageSegment from the StartUpList.
> Replacing
>     Smalltalk addToStartUpList: ThisOSProcess after: ImageSegment.
> by
>     Smalltalk addToStartUpList: ThisOSProcess before: UUIDGenerator.
> in ThisOSProcess>>initialize would be ok I think (and would have the same result).
The problem is that there was no #addToStartUpList:before:
So if you wanted to add yourself before something (because that thing depends on you),
you had to add after something completely unrelated, leading to strange dependencies
(like OSProcess depending on ImageSegment in the startup list..)


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