[Pharo-project] VW's ObjectRegistry similar in Pharo?

Andres Valloud avalloud at smalltalk.comcastbiz.net
Sat May 21 02:42:15 CEST 2011

I think you want the add: that returns true/false depending on whether 
the object was there or not.  In that way, you can just say add: and 
forget about includes:.

On 5/19/11 15:34 , Mariano Martinez Peck wrote:
> Hi guys. We are doing graph traversal (for Fuel) and we would love a
> collection to be really fast and only support two simple operations:
> #add: and #includes:
> The idea is that each object we process of the graph we put it in the
> collection and then for each object we have to ask whether it is
> included or not (to avoid cycles and putting the same object more than
> once).
> VW seems to have ObjectRegistry (subclass of IdentitySet) which is more
> or less that. It is used by ObjectTracer, which in fact is what we want
> to do. And even more, Parcels uses that ;) (or an extension of that).
> So...I wonder, is there a special collection implementation ideal for
> this case?  is something similar to ObjectRegistry available for pharo ?
> Thanks in advance,
> --
> Mariano
> http://marianopeck.wordpress.com

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