[Pharo-project] The Cult of Done Manifesto

Andres Valloud avalloud at smalltalk.comcastbiz.net
Sat May 21 03:22:25 CEST 2011

> Agreed. There is a big difference between "do something" and "do it right".
> But at same time, sometimes, you have to do something first and only
> then you will know how to do it right.
> Software development is iterative process.

I support the idea of putting effort into doing things, as opposed to 
merely discussing doing things for the sake of discussion.  I also think 
it's important to have a good definition of what "done" means :).  I 
wish the manifesto would emphasize that sometimes it's hard to get 
"done" no matter what you do, and that there are cases in which pretense 
doesn't cut it.  Essentially I think we're on the same page, though.


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