[Pharo-project] ChangeSet changedMessageList broken

Stefan Marr pharo at stefan-marr.de
Sat May 21 23:41:59 CEST 2011


The following example is broken:

   ChangeSet new commentClass: ChangeSet; changedMessageList

It will raise an exception that no #Comment message was found in the ChangeSet class.
(BTW: the key not found error does not name the key, which is rather inconvenient)

The reason seems to be a change in ChangeSet>>#changedMessageList.

The change is tracked as being done by Benjamin Van Ryseghem (11/6/2010 22:11)
and seems to switch from MethodReference to SourcedMethodReference, which breaks the example.

Does anyone know the intention or context of this change?
Is it possible to revert to Marcus' pervious version of that method?

A test for this bug could be the lines of:

	| changeSet |
	changeSet := ChangeSet new.
	changeSet commentClass: ChangeSet.
	self assert: 1 equals: changeSet changedMessageList size.
	self assert: ((changeSet at: 1) isKindOf: MethodReference).
	self assert: #Comment equals: (changeSet at: 1) methodSymbol.

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