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laurent laffont laurent.laffont at gmail.com
Sun May 22 20:25:34 CEST 2011


what do you think of adding this in Pharo ?

|taskbar tileWindowsBlock|

tileWindowsBlock := [
  |windows numberOfColumns numberOfRows windowWidth windowHeight|
  windows := (World submorphs select: [:m| m isSystemWindow and: [m
isNotMinimized]]) asOrderedCollection.
  numberOfColumns := windows size sqrtFloor.
  numberOfRows := (windows size / numberOfColumns) rounded.
  windowWidth := World width // numberOfColumns..
  windowHeight := World height  - taskbar height // numberOfRows.

    rows: numberOfRows
    columns: numberOfColumns
    tabulate: [:row :column|  |window|
          windows ifNotEmpty: [
              window := windows remove: windows first.
              bounds: (
                  ((column - 1 * windowWidth) @ (row - 1 * windowHeight))
                  extent: (windowWidth) @  windowHeight)

taskbar := (World submorphs detect: [:m| m isTaskbar]).

  addMorph: (IconicButton new
            target: tileWindowsBlock;
            actionSelector: #value;
            labelGraphic: taskbar theme smallWindowIcon;
            color: Color transparent;

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