[Pharo-project] Gettext package?

Henrik Sperre Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Tue May 24 11:37:33 CEST 2011

On 24.05.2011 11:11, Johan Brichau wrote:
> Hi guys,
> What is the future of the Gettext package in the PharoNonCorePackages repository?
> Is the intention to include it in Pharo core? Should that package become a separate project? Something else?
> I am asking this because I am using it for internationalization support in our Seaside apps (together with the Gettext-Seaside package by Philippe Marschall).
> Hence, I created a port of the relevant parts to GemStone, following the "develop in Pharo, deploy in GemStone" philosophy.
> Now, the ported package is a complete duplicate + appropriate changes, but it's better if we create a common package and separate the platform-specific parts out.
> But I would not want to interfere with anyone's plans, specifically Hilaire Fernandes' plans, probably (who seems to be the author of the package).
> So, I would like to get in touch with the stakeholders of the package and discuss where it's going.
> cheers
> Johan

Hilaire is the major stakeholder yes.
I had a cursory glance at the code when helping with the file-reading 
portion in Pharo, for a split aimed at cross-platform, I think 3 
packages would be good:
1 ) Core - Providing the translation functionality itself, and parsing 
of a gettext stream.
2) In/Out - Platform-specific methods to provide streams to read from.
3) System Integration - Detecting locale to use, hooking into/ replacing 
existing translation engines etc.

1 should be able to do cross-platform.
2 should either have dialect-specific implementation, or a default 
implementation using Grease.
3 should be optional, and probably can't be provided only using Grease, 
so needs dialect-specific version.

I'm not up to speed on what Grease offers atm though, so this might be 
wrong :)
For platforms where you'd want to use it with seaside, I assume 1 + 2 
would be enough?
And you'd rarely need a dialect-specific implementation of 2, since 
Seaside depends on Grease anyways?

In any case, I'd vote for moving it out of NonCore and into it's own, 
proper repository :)


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