[Pharo-project] A radical proposal (to cut down dead code)

Stefan Marr pharo at stefan-marr.de
Sat May 28 16:35:18 CEST 2011

Hi Marcus:

On 28 May 2011, at 16:24, Marcus Denker wrote:

>> On 28 May 2011, at 15:35, Marcus Denker wrote:
>>> There is *a lot* of dead code in the image.
>>> This way we can, within 2-3 interations, remove *a lot* of dead code.
>> Which tools do you imagine to allow your users to keep up with the pace of the changes of system?
> The question is how we can have a future with the current system. Have a look at Morphic. This is one
> huge pile of Crap... 
> The idea of doing Pharo was never to support Squeak's code base (whch is impossible).
I know your goals, but the question still holds: How do you envision that a user of your system can port her codebase over to the next Pharo version, without going through manual costly painful hours of figuring out what changed and why it changed.

I know you want a better system, that's cool.

But I just want a tool that works. If it gets cooler with every iteration, nice. If there is a tool which allows me to do the transition from one version to another semi-automated, even better.

Otherwise, I will probably stick with an old version until the pain of staying with the old system is bigger than the migration pain.

I am sure you heard all that before. Thus, my question: Can you envision a tool that allows me to keep up with you guys?


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