[Pharo-project] A radical proposal (to cut down dead code)

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Sat May 28 17:06:26 CEST 2011

On 28/05/11 10:16 AM, Stefan Marr wrote:
> Hi Marcus:
> On 28 May 2011, at 15:35, Marcus Denker wrote:
>> There is *a lot* of dead code in the image.
>> This way we can, within 2-3 interations, remove *a lot* of dead code.
> Which tools do you imagine to allow your users to keep up with the pace of the changes of system?

I use two automated builds. One stream builds on fixed versions of 
PharoCore + other stuff. I use this for day-to-day development.

The other stream builds my stuff on the latest PharoCore. I manually 
update to the latest, so there is some lag, but I still find out fairly 
soon, when a change has affected my stuff.

If something is broken, then I would try to make my stuff work in both 
streams. If that looks like a bad approach, then I could lobby for a 
change/undo of whatever broke my stuff - while active development of 
that Pharo version is still ongoing.

That's the theory. My build has been broken for 10 days now. That's a 
matter of hours available and priorities, but I think the process is sound.

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