[Pharo-project] A radical proposal (to cut down dead code)

Markus Fritsche fritsche.markus at googlemail.com
Sun May 29 22:57:13 CEST 2011

2011/5/29 askoh <askoh at askoh.com>:
> Is Spoon trying to do this?

AFAIK, yes.

As far as I understand, Craig is using a modified VM to identify sent
messages and to automagically mirror them from a master to a slave
image; making testcases very crucial in the process. To make a
tailored image, you run all the testcases and the "needed" behavior
automagically gets pushed/ pulled into the slave image. Save the
slave, and you can run it indepentently.

"Spoon" way - mark each sent message (within the vm) - execute a full
test cycle - see what has been marked-
"Tinkering way" - modify all CompiledMethods to send a "self
registerAsSent: self selector object: self" by code and run a full

Two ways I could think off right now, not really deep into it.

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