[Pharo-project] TilingWM improvements

laurent laffont laurent.laffont at gmail.com
Mon May 30 09:06:00 CEST 2011

Hi Gastón,

I did not look at your change yet, sorry :), and I'm not sure to understand.
Could you write a test to characterize this please ?

I've implemented automatic refresh (see TilingWMSettings class>>initialize).
May break the first time you load it if you have a version before the

There's a first shot of GUI controls for world snapshot / navigation but it
needs more work to be intuitive.


2011/5/28 Gastón Dall' Oglio <gaston.dalloglio at gmail.com>

> Laurent, coincidere change this method (o part of):
> TilingWM>>newTopWindowBoundsInArea: aBlock
> SystemWindow topWindow bounds: (aBlock value: world clearArea).
> to this one:
> TilingWM>>newTopWindowBoundsInArea: aBlock
> | topWindow |
> (topWindow := SystemWindow topWindow) isMaximized
> ifTrue: [ topWindow expandBoxHit. topWindow bounds: (aBlock value: world
> clearArea) ]
> ifFalse: [ topWindow bounds: (aBlock value: topWindow bounds) ]
> For one hand this solve the problem of maximized state on moved window, and
> for other hand apply recursive "moving" of window based in their current
> bounds (but not usable display area) if that is not in state maximize (I
> choose this rule for my convenience).
> ---
> When I load new version of this package, I use the Settings to see new
> version de la barra, but the old version keep visible too, and I use
> SHIFT-ALT-Click to see the halos and remove this. Is possible clean up of
> older versions of bar automatically?
> ----
> And I see that you comming work in TWMWindowSnapshot :) I like it, I hate
> wasting time accommodating the size and position of the windows manually
> because I want to have another hearing, again and again!
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