[Pharo-project] Transcript status

Fernando Olivero fernando.olivero at usi.ch
Tue May 31 12:28:48 CEST 2011

Hi, in the latest image you can find the newest version of the Transcript.

1) Menu support
2) automatic scrolling to reveal the latest content
3) Transcript show: 'hello';cr.  Works again.

I've modified the semantics of browsing, and other system navigation
features, now you can "find" any selection by opening the finder.
Please let me know if you agree.

There are still 3 pending bugs, you can find them in ISSUE 4209.
1) 1 to: 30 do: [: x |  Transcript cr; show: x. (Delay forSeconds: 0.2) wait.].
2) clear on cmd-s
3) loggingToFile ( fixed , but no integrated yet)


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