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Tue May 31 23:08:51 CEST 2011

2011/5/31 Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si>

> On 31. 05. 2011 18:35, Ramon Leon wrote:
> > Tabs would make it more like practically every other program available
> > that needs multiple edit windows.  Tabs are better than multiple
> > windows.  Look around, tabs won; the battle is over.  Tabbed browsing of
> > the net or 15 instances of Firefox open?  Seriously, you think multiple
> > windows are better?  Really?
> Agreed, tabs won, therefore we need to implement it and this will be a
> big step forward for usability of our tools. Not only for newcomers, for
> us too. You will see sooner or later that tabbed windows are better than
> full ones. I had such experience from VW and other VisualWorkers would
> probably confirm that.
> Ok, a right combo of both, tabbed and full. Say two browsers windows
> with a reasonable amount of methods open in tabs. And adding back button
> .. well that would be near nirvana considering current state :)

Take a look at my multi-window browser in Squeak trunk.  Its not tabs.
 Instead its a drop-down menu from the window title area of windows sharing
the one main menu.  It works well for me and doesn't waste vertical real
estate on the tabs themselves.  You can also populate them programmatically,
look at openCogMultiWindowBrowser in the VMMaker-oscog fork.  You need to
enable the Multi-Window Browser preference in browsing and open a new
browser to enable them.


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