[Pharo-project] threads using NativeBoost

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Thu Aug 2 00:24:35 CEST 2012

I'm to the point now where I want to try to call a library from 
NativeBoost in its own thread. Has anyone tried this? are there are any 
guidelines for threaded external libraries? Are there issues that would 
make this more difficult?


Basically, I've got a mandelbrot set lib I'm playing with. It uses 
doubles for its default rendering, which means a 1K x 1K image can 
rander in .3 seconds. Evoking such a library would cause a rather 
dramatic delay, but when I move to arbitrary precision libraries, where 
drawing can take many seconds or even minutes/hours/days/weeks/etc, a 
dramatic delay would turn into a completely frozen VM, which is why I 
need to use threading. I only need one thread, but want to know if there 
are issues that might bite me at unexpected moments.



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