[Pharo-project] [ENH]: FileReference subclasses

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Sat Aug 4 21:56:27 CEST 2012

Thoughts? Comments? Opinions?

Issue 6525: [ENH]: FileReference subclasses

Different types of files have different behaviors. Currently, we need to add
all those behaviors (e.g. #fileIn) to FileReference, even though they only
make sense with a fraction of instances.

I propose that we match the filename against FileReference subclasses. The
following is a conversation starter. It works with strings...

'/Users/sean/start.st' asFileReference. "anStFileReference"
'/Users/sean/start.unknown' asFileReference. "aFileReference"
'file:///Users/me.st' asUrl asFileReference "not handled by current
implementation, will default to aFileReference"

For example, I can create a custom .st file subclass, with:
  StFileReference>>isClassFor: aResolvable
	(aResolvable isKindOf: String) ifFalse: [ ^ false ]. "just a hack to avoid
	^ aResolvable endsWith: '.st'.

Enhancing the following method will catch aString asFileReference, but not
e.g. aFileUrl asFileReference:
    FileSystem>>referenceTo: aResolvable 
	"Answer a reference to the argument from the context of the receiver
		Example: FSFilesystem disk referenceTo: 'plonk.taz'"
	| referenceClass |
	referenceClass := FileReference allSubclasses
		detect: [ :e | e isClassFor: aResolvable ]
		ifNone: [ FileReference ].

	^ referenceClass 
		fileSystem: self
		path: (self pathFromObject: aResolvable).

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