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Hi Phil and Hilaire,


I have already developed a simplex in ST.





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Doing nice formulas in Pharo would be of interest to me. And manipulating
them even more (I am busy with that now).


As for Geogebra as competition, these guys are now doing a ton of 3D (we use
GG here with my wife, a maths teacher) and their DSL is pretty useful once
mastered. I find myself constructing a lot of things from the little
"command prompt" of theirs. That would be an interesting addition to DrGeo
(and why not being GG-compatible on the commands).

I know I can get a browser and all, but that's not cutting it the same way.


DrGeo is Java-free, so where can we use it where Java is not fine?


I'll look at what I can propose for engineers to work on. I'd add that a
solver for constraints would be nice to have (like Simplex).


Also, a good thing to add to DrGeo is a window with a list of entities with
their name and possibility to rename/change attributes from there. Once the
things get complex, this is a godsend in GeoGebra...







2012/8/13 Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire.fernandes at gmail.com>


Thinking aloud. May be I already discussed the following ideas with some of
Dr. Geo is now mature enough to learn from it and to propose it as a tool
students in computer science and/or mathematics can use for final projects
or study projects.
The idea is to propose student programming projects around Dr. Geo. A list
of projects should be drafted and designed to be appropriate for students. I
am not really sure about the level of difficulties, the duration such
project could take, but listing ideas could be a good start. Moreover, I
don't know if the idea elaborated in this document make any sense, so your
feedback on that point would be greatly appreciated as well. Another
requirement could be to list why students will benefit working in a project
around Dr. Geo, to be done later if the idea take off.

Regarding Dr. Geo project itself the benefice is more to gain in visibility
and not in contributions coming from students work, indeed sudents will more
likely maintain the project only for the duration of their studies. But more
visibility on Dr. Geo can mean more long term contributors, hopefully from
the academic sector. Dr. Geo need it to scale up and to compete with other
alike project like GeoGebra where the contributors are numerous. If not, Dr.
Geo will remain an epiphenomena and the great concept behind Dr. Geo, modify
me from myself, will be lost.

Regarding the project ideas, I see two categories: projects of interest for
Dr. Geo and other Smalltalk ones and projects tightly related to Dr. Geo

1. Projects of interest for Dr. Geo and other Smallktalk software:
- framework to render latex formula
- mini-worksheet package to embed in an application
- supplementary Polymorph widgets
- mini algebraic system for symbolic manipulation of mathematic expressions
- proof system, prolog or purely Smalltalk based

2. Projects tightly tied to Dr. Geo:
- SVG, EPS exporters
- new UI paradigm to build interactive sketch
- porting to other system, closely related to Virtual Machinery
- More constructions tools, it is a very good teachable as it dives you in
an application with a lot of design patterns in action. See following

There are more ideas.
If you think about any person involved in the academic sector, please
forward, this is why I wrote the document in Frenglish after all.


Hilaire Fernandes

Dr. Geo - http://www.drgeo.eu

Dr. Geo - http://www.drgeo.eu


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